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About DM Equities

We founded DM Equities to inform, educate, and provide opportunities to what we believe has proven to be the best, tried-and-true wealth creation vehicle over centuries: real estate.

Our partners combine passion with experience. We further drive risk-adjusted returns by incorporating tech efficiencies while sticking to the age-old principles that make real estate great.

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How it Works

Members of DM Equities are invited to invest
in top-quality commercial real estate.


Due Diligence

We screen high-quality real estate from our markets of interest with a boots-on-the-ground approach.



Once we vet a viable opportunity, we invite our members to co-invest.



After closing on the property, we execute on the optimally defined business plan.



Our members receive profits, updates, and financial reports on a quarterly basis.



We identify an optimal time to refinance or sell the asset, execute, then return investors' capital plus any additional profits.

Why Commercial Real Estate?

Real estate has proven over centuries
to be the ultimate wealth creation vehicle.

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Consistent Cash Flow

Commercial real estate provides consistent, predictable, and diversified income streams from rent, offering investors stability and reliable returns.

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Tax Benefits

Investors benefit from depreciation and other write-offs to maximize after-tax returns.

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Economic Resilience

Diversification over operating partners, geography, asset class, and debt/equity enables positive returns in both rising and falling markets.

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Attractive Return

Higher risk-adjusted returns than the stock market with lower volatility.

What our investors say

Attention to details

Chad took the time to walk me through my investment journey with him. He made me feel confident, and comfortable with my investment in commercial real estate.


Software Engineer


Diversify your portfolio with
DM Equities

Diversification through real estate funds can yield superior risk-adjusted returns.
That’s how institutions continue to outperform traditional stock and bond portfolios.

Now, it's your turn.

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